Mom of 6 Beautiful Kids
Grandma of 3 (and counting)
I am a Proud Hawaiian
Artist and Coffee Lover

About Me:

Girl from Chicago who Transformed into a Woman while living in Texas!

I have learned a lot because I have lived through a lot. Against all odds I have grown into someone who is Loving, Caring, Compassionate,Strong and Motivated. Now I want to share my Journey and Life Lessons with you through Coaching and My Blog. 

I have found myself transitioning into a better person and it is a big journey to embark on and it's a long process but I like where I am going.


I came from a City where you had to learn to be very independant and at times tough but deep down that's never who I was (tough) and its definitly not who I am now. I have taught myself to work harder on being a better me. I have taught myself drive, passion and positivity. 


The biggest thing I have learned though and had the time to process, was how to fix myself mentally and emotionally. I had to learn my own value, my own worth and how to use my voice. I have Transitioned  and I have a motivation in me that I have never seen before and now I would like to share that passion for life and positivity with you.

About Holistic Life Coaching

A Coach:

     Is a person who will empower and help you navigate through matters that are important to you. Coaching is not about giving advice it's about guiding you to help you find the answers within yourself and to encourage you through a process that will help you build confidence. 

Typically a holistic life coach will offer a heart based approach which is why I picked the name Agapephilia. Everything I do will be based off of a selfless love for other peoples wellbeing and creating a unique friendship built by relating to each other Authentically.

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