5 Steps to Being a Basic Personal Finance Pro

Take these easy steps to begin your Journey of becoming a Basic Financial Pro

Take These First Steps

It starts with your mindset! Get your head in the game and everything else will fall in to place! Create a positive attitude in order to create a better relationship with money. Start with these Money Mantras...

  1. I will Release the Resistance to tackling finances

  2. It is never to late to start

  3. I can and I will get ahead of finances this year

  4. I will create the time and space needed to focus on finances

  5. I will keep an open mind and have open communication so that I can learn

Feel better already? Lets get started on the rest


Be intentional with your banking habits, and yes you need to create banking habits.

  1. Have a checking account and always keep a minimum in it for example $500, or one you are comfortable with. when opening an account ask how to avoid fees.

  2. Have a Savings account and have at least 1k minimum in it for emergencies (or as close as you can get to that amount)

  3. Have direct deposit setup

  4. If you have questions ask them! Your banker should be there to help (or you need a new banker)

  5. Always keep track of your account, through the App AND through statements


Don't just pay bills, know your bills like the back of your hand. The more you know the more control you have over them and not the other way around!

  1. Know what all of your bills are, where they are from

  2. Ask your service provider to change the pay date for a day that works for you!

  3. Ask if you can get the bill lowered or the plan changed so that you are paying the amount you can afford, not just what they say it is

  4. Always keep track of your bills in one spot, keep 2 months worth of them and Rotate it out (make sure you shred them don't just tear them).

  5. Have all of the customer care lines written in a safe place just incase you need them one day.


True Pro's know where their money goes!

  1. Know the date your bills are paid and amount your bills are.

  2. Always round up when calculating the bills just to give yourself a little wiggle room. (example: Water Bill 35.85...budget $36 even)

  3. Sign up for automatic bill pay (especially because some services give a discounts for it) but still follow up and make sure it gets paid.

  4. Examine your bills and find ways to save and you can do this by tracking spending habits too.

  5. Create a Budget for EVERYTHING (including eating out/fun funds and more) and use the envelope system

If you want to dig deeper in to your finances then book a session with me! I have sessions that fits everyone.

  1. One for a Quick Q&A or Just going through one specific topic (both the emotional and technical side to finance)

  2. One for someone who wants to talk about these 3 basic & important topics ...in depth

  3. One for someone who wants to talk about these topics and really go in to pro mode by talk about so much more in your financial Journey!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it!

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