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Where it began and Where I want it to go....

To understand why I was drawn to coaching and why I knew it was a perfect fit for me, I think it's imperative to know me first. We are going to break this down to beginning, middle and end.

There are certain things that happened in the beginning of my life that made me who I am today. If you have been following my work then you know that I don't believe that anything happened to me, it happened for me. It's important to know that what I am about to share is deep, and personal and I am not going to tell you this for pity, or sympathy, in fact that's the last thing I want. I want to share my story with you so that you can understand how I became who I am today and hopefully spark some inspiration and motivation in someone.

When I was young I lived in a very Toxic, Hostile and well...abusive home. There was mental, emotional and a lot of physical abuse, from the time I was

6 - 16yrs old. This did not break me and I never once felt bad for myself and it's important to me that you don't feel bad either. What I went through and what a lot of people have gone through, can really make you or break you. There is no wrong or right way to turn out either because it's all due to circumstance and everyone handles it differently. The direction I chose to take was to be as strong as possible. What I went through made me strong, determined, motivated, and focused on a better life. The biggest description I could use for myself though is, I am a protector and I always have been. You see I was not the only one in the house, I had three brothers and I spent my whole childhood - teen years trying to protect them.

Growing Older Faster I think because of my childhood I grew up faster than most people and it made me an old soul so early in life. This is something I didn't resent though, this is something I cherish. I grew up fast, I was always very mature and at a very young age all I ever did was want to help people. I have always been the type to do random acts of kindness, and not seeking anything in return at all (agape: Selfless love). Even with the stories I am about to tell you, it's not for a pat on the back. I want to share a few stories so you can get to know me, and get to know why it was so easy to want to be a Holistic life coach.

Short story #1 when I was around 18 I was already putting together my first apartment (after years of living on the streets and trying to figure out life). I was paying my payment for the furniture I had just bought. I was walking to my car and I saw this woman standing in the rain sobbing and I was shocked. These are the small things in life that will test what kind of person you are, the type to help or the type to look the other way as if you didn't see anything. I chose to help this woman. Now this elderly lady didn't speak English, I barely spoke Spanish but I was determined to help her so we made it work. What happened was she thought she lost her keys, and I reached in her car and turned off the ignition and gave them to her. She started sobbing and I asked what was wrong ( why was she so upset that she didn't even realize her car was on and keys were inside). Well her husband was in the hospital and he usually paid the bills, the company wouldn't help her and she just felt so lost. Long story short, we stood in the rain and we prayed and she gave me the biggest hug anyone has ever given me. Her whole body language changed and I felt so good about helping her, even if it was just for 5 mins and even if I didn't really do anything other than show sympathy and support.

Short Story #2 There are two beautiful children who I got to meet. They were so tiny when I met them and had already gone through so much. These sweet babies had so much love and support from my in-laws it was truly beautiful. The thing about these two babies was that they came from an abusive home (like I did) and they were also kidnapped once. These poor babies had gone through so much before they were even 5 yrs old. They were scared of literally everyone and everything and they didn't talk to anyone except for a few of my in-laws. When I had the pleasure of meeting these babies, they must have known that I knew what they were going through. They must have known that I have nothing but authentic love and care for anyone like them (like us). These girls never talked and they never got in the car with anyone and they were hard to get through. That being said, when I met them and started spending time with them, these girls told me everything, and I mean everything. Without truly spending too much time with me these girls actually got in the car with me, and they actually stayed the night and after they spent the day with my children they actually came to me at bedtime for comfort. it was so touching at bedtime, I held them both and sang to them (like I'm sure they've never experienced before) and they fell asleep in my arms. They trusted me so much, that they were able to find enough comfort in my arms to fall asleep. You have no idea how much that meant to me. To this day (they are now 9 and 12) they still come to me for everything! literally everything! As an empath this one has been a hard journey but so rewarding because I love those beautiful babies so much.

Short Story #3 Last one.

My husband is older than I am so keep this in mind when I talk about my beautiful mother in law. The thing that really shows the natural gift I have of comforting, supporting, and helping is my relationship with my mother in law, well I just call her mom. The funny thing is that my mom doesn't speak a word of English, like literally at all. I barely speak Spanish but I always push myself to speak it, even if it's really bad Spanglish. What I love the most about our relationship is that no matter what, when I am at her house during our family parties, she is always seeking me out. My mom will look for me and make sure that I sit right there with her and she will have a full conversation with me. When my mom is sick and not feeling well (which is often) she always asks for me. I am not going to lie when mom isn't feeling well it scares the Sh*** out of me that she wants me because I am always scared that I won't know what to do, but we always make it work. When my mom is in the hospital she wants me right there on her hospital bed holding her hand. It is one of the most powerful things in the world to be able to be THAT person even though we cannot communicate. Keep in mind she has everyone around her who speaks perfect Spanish, but she wants me lol poor mom.

Where I want to go from here:

These are just very few but my most favorite stories of what makes me who I am and what makes me believe I can do this dream job of helping others. I have so many beautiful stories of how I have been able to help people, and not just people in need but people who want to create goals, who wants support in getting started in the right direction, and help to change and obtain new personal goals.

So where do I want to go from here? I want to take my skills and my natural ability to help, support and motivate people and make it a lifestyle. I want to not only work everyday being kind, loving, and supporting but I want to make it a way of life. I want this to be my new lifestyle. I have gone through so many obstacles in life that it's time to live the life I want, a positive and uplifting lifestyle. I couldn't think of a better career than this, to create such a beautiful lifestyle.

The biggest thing I want anyone to take away from all of this is that it doesn't matter who you are, where you came from, or what lifestyle you had before....if you want to be better, live better and do better then do it, because you can! Anyone is capable of achieving the life they want! It's never to late to start either, it doesn't matter if you get off track, the ONLY thing that matters is where your heart and mind is right here, right now!

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