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This is who I am and this is the life I live. Everyday I practice kindness as much as I can. I love to listen to people and be a shoulder to lean on. I love taking care of others and brightening people's day. I am bursting with happiness and positivity (my husband calls me Olaf) and it's something I want to share. I think Holistic Life Coaching has been a calling I never knew I had. Everything I have done in life is for others, and to help others. Of course being a Holistic Life Coach I had to practice taking care of my Mind Body & Soul but helping others is a true passion. There is so much joy I get from helping others. When I see that I can make a difference in someone's life just by doing something big or small, or even just by being gives me pride, a sense of accomplishment and joy. Which goes to show why my business name is absolutely perfect for me. I know it's hard to pronounce but I am hoping I can spread this word and make it a lifestyle, not just my business, not just a word, but a lifestyle that others would like to live.


I absolutely love the name I chose for my Business & Blog! I know it's hard to say but I hope this picture to the right helps! also the definition means so much to me! it's literally the only reason I chose my business name. It's two separate words but I made them into one. This is something that I want to make into a life style; living selflessly, lovingly and authentically. I want this to be the foundation of my business & life.

Agapephilia LifeStyle: I am hoping that through my work I can inspire others to live the Agapephilia lifestyle too! What would that look like?

Doing random Acts of Kindness:

  • Give a Compliment to a stranger

  • Write an encouraging note to someone who needs it

  • Hold the door for someone

  • Build Authentic friendships and tell the friends you have how amazing they are

  • Help someone at the grocery store (hold a door, unload groceries, pick up something that gets dropped)

  • Listen to someone (there's always someone that wants/needs to talk so when they do, listen).

Show Empathy:

  • Listen to others without Judging, instead show care and compassion

  • Listen without interrupting, let the other person know you care enough to hear them and value what they are saying

  • Imagine how it would be, to be in another person's shoes before talking or responding

  • Let people know that you care about them and their feelings

More Words that best describe an Agapephilia LifeStyle:

  • Be Kind

  • Be aware

  • Be Supportive

  • Be Positive & Motivating for others

  • Be Authentic

  • Be Respectful

  • Be Trustworthy

  • Be an Inspiration

  • Be Helpful

My Tag Line:

"Have A Day As Beautiful As You Are"

This is just one more thing that makes me, me. This is another example of how I like to live the Agapephilia Lifestyle.

When I say "Have a Day As Beautiful As You Are", I always mean it. What does this mean to me? This is my way of saying everyone is beautiful inside and out. I know that when people are called Beautiful it makes them feel good, makes them happy. That's all I really want, is to make people happy. Besides everyone is beautiful in their own right. We all have beauty in us.

My Mission: I want to spread the joy and I am hoping that my selfless love is infectious. I want to spread my name (Agapephilia) and make it a way of living. I hope I can get people to want to be better, want to be more compassionate and caring. I am hoping that when people read my blog, see my work, and have a session with me, it inspires them to spread the Agapephilia Lifestyle. I know I can't change the whole world but I hope I can make an impact everywhere I go and with everyone I meet. I hope that anyone reading this, is inspired to go out and be the best version of yourself and show people how beautiful you are. Take a minute to do something caring and if by chance anyone asks why you are being so nice, just tell them you want to live the Agapephilia Lifestyle!

-Thanks everyone who is reading this... And have a Day As beautiful As You Are.

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