All About Motivation

There is Nothing I love more than Motivation and Positive people!

There are Four types of people in this world;

1. those who love to motivate

2. those who love Motivation and want to Be motivated

3. Those who ARE motivated 4. The people who Cannot be motivated no matter what you try.

The last group of people are not my cup of tea. I am the person who loves to motivate! I worked at a bank and it was my job to motivate and boy did I, I was even spirit of the year! I was the person who motivated my co-workers to go out and sell. I taught even the shyest person how to sell like it was the easiest thing on earth. I was also the one that wrote motivating emails every morning. My personal favorite was the motivating morning emails! Everyone knew me from my emails, even if they never met me or didn't even know my face, they knew my name...they knew ME. I would always get comments like "hey, you're the one that writes the emails in the morning, I love your emails!". This is where I learned the different types of people and even in my current job I am still learning about motivation. Learning motivation, sounds funny right?! I mean in all honesty it should not be that difficult and yet it really is! it is actually a skill some have to learn and it's like exercise it's not easy and you have to work hard at it all the time and you will most likely have cheat days.


What does being motivated mean to me ?! Motivation to me means, being excited about something and wanting to work towards it! It means giving something you want your best shot and thinking about nothing but the positive and not letting anything get in your way! Motivation, to me, equals excitement and happiness. I can literally get motivated about anything, it's the funniest thing ever ( my husband calls me Olaf ). The best part is people say my passion and motivation is so radiating it's infectious! That is music to my ears and joy to my soul. Why does it make me so happy to motivate others? because that means I can bring people excitement and joy and as corny as that sounds, that in itself is happiness to me.

Now let's be honest here for a minute, it's not always easy being motivated and even the happiest and most motivated people have their bad days. It's not always sunshine and rainbows but what makes the difference is, getting back up and realizing tomorrow is another day!

As for people who refuse to be motivated... I won't lie it is hard for me to be around people like that. It takes a lot for someone to get me down but some people are like soul suckers, they drain it right out of you. So if you are the type of person who wants to learn to be motivated and get excited about things, excited about life, these would be the people to avoid (sorry not sorry). Some people say they want it but they will fight you every step of the way and in the end, the truth is, they never wanted it or willing to put in the work. You have to know how to spot these people and know when to give up trying so that their negativity doesn't effect you!

I bet you are wondering, "Why in the world is this girl writing about motivation", because I want people to know that its a specific type of joy and if you need help getting it I would love to be the one to help! Accountability?! you got it! If there is one thing I love, and I am good at and passionate's motivation and being motivated!

Also I believe it is something that people need now days! The good thing is, all hope is not lost and I am not the only one! There are so many beautiful positive people out there, that even if I am not Your cup of tea I am okay with that and I hope you find a good motivator for you! You see my goal is as simple as this; I want to bring positivity to the world however I can even if it's just by being a resource. One of the most important things to learn about motivation is, you will be surrounded by complainers and maybe even be able to relate to a few but it is important not to feed into a negative conversation. A better approach when you connect to a negative conversation or situation is, either find the positive or divert the conversation as quickly and as politely as possible.

As always I hope my posts are a source of inspiration, guidance and/or help! if you are enjoying my posts please drop a comment!

I hope you all have a day as beautiful as your are!


If you want a sample of what a Motivating email looks like for a Whole Week tailored just to You let me know in a comment what type of person you are (like what's listed in the beginning of the blog) and what you want to be motivated about and email me at with a short description about yourself and some of your goals or a specific goal.

The emails won't be long and they will Always be full of energy! Also I promise it will be only one week and it will not be "subscribe here", or anything like that.

- no hoops to jump through, only jumping will be from joy!

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