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We all have to start somewhere, but not everyone knows where…

New Years New Beginnings

Have you been hiding from Basic Personal Finances? or Have you been trying to get a good start but need a little more help? The time to start is now! I know we are in a pandemic and work & money is hard to come by, but we aren't going to let Covid bully us! We are just going to do the best we can, like we have all year long!

I will be the first to tell you that when it came to talking about money I would hide. I would slouch in a chair, hide in a hoodie or anything to avoid getting attention. What was this fear? I didn't want people to ask how I was doing ( my bank account was always at Zero I can't even lie without turning red). I didn't want people to go a step further and start talking about credit scores or cards because I knew nothing of it. I would hide from it for as long as I could remember! When I was 28 I started to pay attention (kinda had too, I started working at a bank)... still lurking in the background but at least now I paid attention. Then my fear was right in front of my face " What do you mean you don't have a credit card? How do you work on your credit score (my what)..." all the judgmental questioning I avoided for so long hit me like a ton of bricks the moment I started to TRY to pay attention. I didn't like feeling judged (who does) but there was a valid point.. how could I promote something I didn't have myself.

This is where my Journey began and I hope at this point you don't feel alone and know that I totally relate if you have been hiding from it or just need help getting pointed in the right direction.

The most important things to remember is that

1. We all Start Somewhere

2. I have come a LONG way in a short amount of time and so can you!

3. My coaching sessions are an absolute Judge free Zone!

Where it all begins...The Bank

Just like finances, this is another financial topic that gets avoided. I use to be a banker so I know how people would dread going there. Even before I was a banker, I won't lie I dreaded going to the bank. There's just something about banks...but why? For one thing, it does get a bit salesy, another reason is because sometimes people get treated like transactions and that's one reason I left, but also because money is complicated! It is one of the most frustrating and even stress inducing topics.

I know for me personally I would go above and beyond to change the view of banking and even though I am not a banker I would love to help you have a more positive experience at your bank.

Banking is mainly used for Direct Deposits, it's recommended by Jobs and Banks, so let's start there. In order to have a Direct Deposit you have to have a Checking account, make sure you understand how your bank works, what the start up fees are and Monthly fees and how to avoid them. Start a Checking account and a Savings account and again make sure you know about all the fees and how to avoid them. Have a Checkings goal don't just open it to have money flow in and out the day you get paid. An above average person may recommend 2 months of bills worth.... but I am average and I know how hard financial goals can be so let's just start with one checks worth ($600ish) saved into your checking account. This is a good start and let's be honest anything above that ( or above $1000) is what savings accounts are for. Savings accounts typically should have 3 months worth of bills saved up but again we are just talking about being the average Joe.. so let's say a minimum of 1k to start with. Of course these are just ideas to help you get started but remember everyone's financial Journey is different and unique and should be treated as such! So if you have any questions please reach out to me! I would be happy to help.

Bills & Budgeting:

This part just comes with Work, Making Money, and a part of Banking as well. This was another thing I ran from. When I was younger I didn't care about bills all I knew is I made enough money to pay them and that was it. I didn't pay attention to what bills I had, if they were working for me or against me, I didn't pay attention to how much they were or how much they could've been had I paid attention. Then as a young adult I had my husband so even better, never had to face it. I was totally misguided when it came to my outlook on bills. I should have paid attention to every little detail, I should have participated and even if I didn't take care of them I should have at least been on the same page. When I was 30 I took over our bills and got us out of debt. It took us about 6 months, thanks to my hubby working so hard and me FINALLY Budgeting! We budgeted our way out of debt, boosted up our Credit Score and was on our way to a better financial life. Now I budget probably more often then I should! I love to create my budget, I Love to double check my budget and then I love to follow it through as I pay bills off! If you are not a lover of finance, not on the same page as your spouse and don't know where to start with budgeting then please reach out! I would love to help you get started on your financial Journey!

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post and found it to be both relatable and helpful! If you want to talk about the emotional side or technical side to banking, bills or budgeting please reach out! I am always here to listen and guide you to a better financial life!

Have A Day As Beautiful As You Are!

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