Beauty from Within

Hey there Beautiful.......Yes You!

Here's a Beautiful Rose for all you Beautiful people!

This week I wanted to check in and see where everyone's Mindset is on the topic of being and Feeling beautiful.

Being under Quarantine there's a lot to think about and to be thankful for! One thing I have been thinking about is how happy I am for the changes that I have made so rapidly and so recently! One of the biggest changes I have made is giving myself permission to feel beautiful. This is something that I have struggled with since I was very young (that's another story for another day). Everyone has a story and has a reason for the way they think and feel. Think about it, as children we are young and innocent and let's be honest everyone is treated as the cutest thing on earth as a baby/child. What happens when we make that shift though? when we start understanding more and seeing more and hearing more? I'll tell you what happens, there's a shift in the way we think, there's a shift in our happiness if you aren't in the right environment. That being said be careful how you talk around young ones. Your words, rather you think they're listening or not, can have a massive impact on a child.

Working on me.....

It wasn't until I met my husband that I started to work on me. I tried telling myself that I was beautiful, I mean look at this gorgeous man that I am talking to! I couldn't believe it when I got my husband's attention! Every now and then I would try to do some positive self-talk and sometimes it would work and some times not. The problem wasn't me though, it was that same environment that I shortly told you about that I had as a child. It's unfortunate when you have a hard upbringing and the things you are told, and even worse the things you believe. After my husband and I started dating, 7 years later I said enough is enough. I had to get out of such negative environments and away from such negative people. When I moved to Texas there was a massive shift! People (that I didn't even know) would talk to me and be so nice! I made friends that were so amazingly sweet! I had people in my life that would not let me talk badly about myself, which had become a bad habit. I don't know, maybe I thought that if I beat people to it, it wouldn't hurt as much? I just didn't know that when you are around good people you don't have to worry about that. When my husband and I moved here we changed as a couple too and for the better! My husband has always been my best friend and my number one supporter in my journey. I could go on and on about him but let's just say I am the luckiest woman in the world and I am truly blessed to have him in my life.

It is amazing to have such wonderful support in your life, but the REAL change doesn't happen until you learn to love yourself. Sometimes you have to hit bottom before you can start working your way to the top. I hit a spot in my life where everything was so negative and it was like consuming me, like that movie venom. I decided enough of the negativity. I also decided it was enough of not loving myself, that if I was truly going to be a holistic life coach I had to work on myself as well! Plus this whole new year new you thing, I really wanted to give it a shot this time. I decided that I was worthy of receiving more love in my life and more importantly worthy of loving myself. At the moment I felt like a tired run down old lady who lived in a shoe kind of a thing. Pajamas, messy hair don't care, take care of everyone else kind of a thing. I even let my grey hairs convince me... yup, I am an old lady, this is it. That was a terrible phase and thank the good lord it was only a phase! Then my birthday started to be a conversation and I was like wait...I am only (about to be) 34!!! ONLY 34, like are you kidding me what is wrong with me?! It was like a light bulb went off! For the first time in a long time, I looked in my mirror. I studied my face, I studied my body, and I even studied those grey hairs . I decided I really am not as bad as I portrayed myself. I actually, like how I look...that's the first. If you have been following me on instagram I have been blowing up my feed with selfies, which I have NEVER done before! The more I work on me and accept me for who I am and the beauty I have, the happier and fuller life I have been living!

Now it's your turn! I hope you follow me through this journey and I can be a good example for anyone needing to connect to this story and anyone who needs to hear it too. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! So please take a moment to look in the mirror and acknowledge your beauty! Find things that you love about yourself. Love your whole self because you deserve it!

Next post will be more about your Inner Beauty! I can't wait for that one and I hope you all look forward to it! If I have hit a soft spot in your heart through this story and you really want to touch on this topic then please check out my website/sessions and let's discuss it! I would love to be a support on this topic because I truly believe everyone is beautiful and deserves to FEEL Beautiful!

A Short Story about the ROSE...

Why did I choose roses for this post? I chose the rose because my husband has always bought me roses (mainly because I am allergic to every other flower in the world). When my husband buys me roses I get to enjoy them and their beauty. Momentarily when I hold my roses and get to look at them in admiration, I stop and think....Maybe my husband admires me as much as I admire the beauty of these roses. Maybe I am as beautiful as this rose. I've always wanted to feel this beautiful, then I stop and think why don't I feel this beautiful? From that moment on, I decided that I need to feel this beautiful. I learned it's not how everyone else views me, it's how I view me. I give myself permission to love myself and admire myself as much as I admire beautiful unique roses.

To be Admired...........

Sometimes I think, I have always wanted to know what it would feel like to be THAT admired and THAT beautiful. The stages of a rose is entrancing.

1. When it's closed, it makes you wonder what beauty is it holding in there? How can it hold so much beauty? What will it look like once it opens up into this big beautiful, and full flower?

2. The opening, this is an amazing stage because you are watching it's journey unfold. You are seeing this transformation that has you intrigued, and it leaves you wanting to see more.

3. The Full Beauty. This is the stage I love the most because this is when this flower has you stuck in its beauty, almost speechless. This kind of beauty is a work of art. Natures gift.

Could you imagine what it would feel like to be admired so deeply? Do you admire yourself this deeply? Because you know what they say, you have to love yourself before others can.

Thank you for taking the time to read this if you have gotten this far! This is probably the longest post I have ever done! Thanks again, and have a day as beautiful as you are!

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