Brain Tumor Awareness Month

Month of May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month .....

Brain Tumor Awareness:

What does this month mean to me? It means I get to celebrate how amazing and strong my husband is! My husband, "Mi Amor, Mi Vida" (my love, my life) has a Benign Pituitary Tumor. slow down, don't rush to see what I am about to write next. Deep breaths, because He Is Okay. I had to say that because when I tell people their minds tend to race and get flooded with questions. Before I get into the rest of this I will answer the typical questions we get when people find out he has a Brain Tumor.

1. He is okay and he will be okay. As long as he takes his medicine consistently...which can be a battle sometimes with my beautiful but stubborn man. Honestly though he has gotten so much better at it and I am so proud of him.

2. No, they cannot have surgery on him because either (a) it will make him lose his sight and kill him or (b) it will give him a heart attack and kill him. In other words it's not worth the risk.

3. So what are doctors doing for him? They gave my husband a pill to take to maintain the tumor. As long as the size of the tumor is maintained things won't get out of control.

4. How long has he had it, since we started dating, which makes an interesting story. (specifically, as far as we know 13 years)

5. Yes, he will live with it for the rest of his life...but I will make sure that means for a long time (at least I will do everything within my control).

When We first found out about his Tumor:

It was crazy times when my husband first found out he had a Brain Tumor. We had only been together for 8 months or so and out of nowhere he started to be rude and just a handful (forgive me, but you'll see why I say this in a second). I was so in love with this handsome man that I had spent literally every day with for the first 8 months of our relationship! we had a connection like no other and it was weird how fast it happened but it was us, it was safe, it was warm and inviting. He treated me better than anyone has ever treated me in my entire life. No, I am not just talking about being the best man I have ever dated, but literally he treated me better than ANYONE I had ever met. Out of nowhere there was a shift in our relationship and I had no idea what was going on. He turned into this completely different person and it just didn't make any sense. After MONTHS of him pushing me away and being super weird I finally had enough. Funny story, I started to push him away and I mean it got bad (throwing sentimental things away from our dates, giving him his stuff back and things of that sort that happens during an ugly break up). When I started pushing him away he FINALLY told me he was only doing it because (how I described it) he felt all self sacrificing and didn't want to take me down with him. So dramatic, como una novella - like a spanish soap opera.

My husband, when he found out...he was scared, which is completely understandable. I on the other hand was mad as hell. I couldn't understand why he was pushing me away instead of making me a part of his journey. I really didn't understand why he was making the choice for me instead of letting me decide. He didn't know though what it all meant and what was going to happen and how it was going to impact his life. I on the other hand knew that I loved this man so much that I didn't care what was going to happen, I just wanted to be there for him. That's all I wanted, to support such a beautiful man who has supported me from day one of our relationship.

The Past Few Years:

Fast forward to a few years ago.

Now that he's had it for so many years we are a little more informed but still always learning something new. For a while my husband went through a phase where he thought he could take his meds when he felt like it (I am writing this with my resting b** face). The problem with this was that I could always tell when he wasn't taking his meds. How could I tell? Well he would be so irritable, so rude and quite frankly, mean. He's going to kill me for saying this but any time we argued my first response would be "Are you taking your medicine", I laugh at this (now). I would ask him this because his medicine gave him balance and that's when we were balanced in our relationship. There are so many things that come into play when my husband doesn't take his medicine, but we won't get into details (especially seeing as he is taking them consistently now). One thing I will say though is if you are a huge Greys Anatomy fan and you saw the episode of the Pituitary Tumor then you know exactly what I went through lol because that was actually a completely realistic representation.

Now, Present time:

My husband is pretty amazing! he has been consistently taking his medication and recognizing the things he needs to do to be healthy (especially so I don't rat him out to his doctor). Of course, there's times I have to get on him about his health, whenever he drops the ball... but it's all out of love. We have so many good days and our love is simply magical (sounds corny but it's so true). Our relationship has it's regular ups and downs of course...but what's important is we love each other so much. I love going out because we get so many compliments about how cute we are together and how amazing our relationship is...we radiate friendship and love. I treasure my husband deeply and I am so proud of him for embracing what he has. I love how strong he is for being positive and staying positive. He is so excited because this is his month and also because he subconsciously made his business labels gray which is the color for the awareness ribbon. He's thoroughly satisfied and proud of himself for doing that...and I am just always proud of him. I am proud of him for being such an inspiration and such a strong man, and I am proud of him for having his business and always finding new wins.

This has absolutely nothing to do with my services but I wanted to share this because it is near and dear to us. So if you have gotten this far in this blog then thank you!

On the other hand if you know anyone that can relate to my story please share this post and have them reach out to me! If you can relate to this story then just know that I am here if you need to discuss this in a session...but I am also here to connect and build Authentic Friendships as well!

Have A Day As Beautiful As You Are!

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