Can't Stop

"Can't Stop Won't Stop" is one of my favorite sayings because it is literally the type of person I am. There is nothing on this earth that can stop me!

At this point you know that I absolutely love to Reflect. The reason I love to reflect is because you get to take time to think about everything you have gone through and everything you have accomplished. I think it is a beautiful thing when you can sit back and look at your accomplishments and just be proud of yourself. If there is anything that I have learned is that your number one fan & supporter needs to be you! You have to love and validate yourself, anyone else who decides to jump on board is only a bonus. You can't depend on other people to make you happy, you have to be happy with yourself first. I grew the most when I learned that lesson.

There has been so many things that I have conquered at various times in my life, that has made me proud. My most defining moments though have always come from when people have told me that I couldn't do something, from the people who didn't believe in me. The people who tried holding me back in life were the very first ones to inspire me to do better, to be better . I love it! A lot of it has to do with my personality and who I am and how I am but as we all know it's not always easy. The one thing to remember though is if it was easy then everyone would be successful! It takes a strong person, and strong will to say "I want to do better and be better" and Then Do It. If you have experienced this for yourself (success and growth) then good for you that's so amazing! And if you haven't, but you want to, then let's get you on track for success! I would love to help in any way I can!

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Growing up, the first people that told me I couldn't do something or that I wouldn't be anything, were my parents. Now I know this is sad to hear and life shouldn't be that way but in reality I am okay with it and don't require sympathy. Instead of feeling sad for me, I want you to be inspired by me...that is my mission in all this. I want to inspire people to never give up, never let someone else's negativity become your reality! I want people to fight for the positive, put the hard work and dedication into growth and transitions because the reward is worth it all! Through my journey I grew non stop and now I have; a home, a family, I've been married for 14 years, I have land, I have cars, a good job, now my own business, and so much more and all because I refused to let anyone make me believe I couldn't be a successful person.

There was a point in my life where even my own body was fighting against me. For whatever reason I have a bad back and I have struggled for years because of it. Trust me when I say back problems know, no age! Everyone use to tell me I was too young to have back problems, as if I was making it up. My back even got to the point where doctors and Physical Therapists wanted to put me as disabled! At 20 years old I was suppose to be considered disabled. You know, when you hear things from important people in your life like that, you feel like you have to believe it, it has to be true. This was not the case for me. Of course I've had my poor me moments but those were just moments, but moments don't define you. Being the person I am, I told myself that was not something I wanted to hear and it sure wasn't going to be something I accepted. I spent years in physical therapy, exercising and working on my mindset. The toughest days were for sure when I couldn't walk, when I had to crawl to get around and get things done. There were days where my husband had to hold me up just so I could brush my teeth, such a simple task. Even on those hardest days, on the moments when I should've said okay enough...I didn't stop. Now, here I am and I tend to my home, family, farm and just general life. I accept the bad days but I don't accept defeat. My eyes are another part of my body that likes to fight me. I have been told many times that my eyes are worse than a person in their 50's and I'm only in my 30's. I have heard that so much, and the funny part is that doctors even test my eyesight twice to make sure they didn't make a mistake! nope, no mistakes there unfortunately. There's even moments when I completely lose eyesight for a while, due to straining my eyes. Yet here I am writing these lengthy posts and reading every day to learn and grow. All these things are just minor set backs, but remember moments don't last forever, they don't define you.

There was also a time in my life where I was really finding myself and my job skills and this was after I moved to a new state and really started living life. Once again though, I had obstacles that should have slowed me down... but this title isn't "Can't Stop, Won't Stop", for no reason! I had people tell me that my projects were a bad idea, it wasn't going to work and it wasn't going to go anywhere. Those kind of comments only lit a fire in my soul. At this point in my life phrases like "You can't, or it's not a good idea", only adds fuel to the fire. That being said, those projects that were supposedly a bad idea, resulted in me being a part of meetings that were meant for top managers only! I went from entry position to management in a year! Some of the things I created became company spread! Don't ever hold in your ideas or hold back from putting your ideas in motion! When someone says you have a bad idea, you tell them no, you just don't know what I am capable of...and then show them!

I hope you have enjoyed some of my stories. These were just some of my proudest moments that I wanted to share with you and I hope that they have inspired you to never give up! I hope that when obstacles occur you just think about the phrase "Can't Stop, Won't Stop". Think about that phrase when you are going through hard times and then think about that phrase when you are celebrating your wins! Always celebrate your wins no matter how big or small they are because you are worth it! Always remember there is not one person on this earth that can stop you, except for you. Then you have to believe you are worth it, you are worth fighting for and you are worth celebrating! You are worth it. I hope you have enjoyed this Monday's Motivational Post and make sure you check out my business and my work! I am always posting all over social media, hoping to be an inspiration in any way I can! Take care and have a day as beautiful as you are!

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