Effective Leadership

Leading Groups:

It's no easy task leading a group of people, rather it's at home, work or any other position of leadership. There are different leadership styles and when leading, some people might like your style and some people might completely fight against it. Being a leader you will have the people who trust you and the people you have to build trust with over time. Another thing about being a leader is, you have to be confident in yourself if you want others to be confident in you. Like I said being a leader is not easy! That being said, there are a few ways to be an effective leader.

5 Ways to be an Effective Leader:

1. Be an influencer, not an Authority.

you can be a much more effective leader if you are patient, kind, respectful, listen as much as you talk and give suggestions. Being Bossy doesn't make you an effective boss/leader.

2. Build trust. Be yourself and bring your style, your value through your work. Be confident in the decisions you make but also be willing to listen to suggestions. Give credit where credit is due, don't be afraid to give someone the spotlight they deserve. Treat everyone equally, this is a huge one because if you don't then it will give an unstable environment and trust will be broken.

3. Encourage your team to have goals. Help them develop the skillset they need to achieve their goals. Lead your team with positivity and motivation. Let your team know that they can come to you when they need to and you are there to answer any questions.

4. Lead with strength. To be a good leader you have to be able to make decisions and sometimes under stressful situations. Part of being a leader isn't just doing the work yourself but knowing how to delegate. Being able to delegate means knowing your team and who can do what. Being a leader is often times thinking on the spot and being innovative without any preparation.

5. Lead by Emotional Intelligence. Stay calm and learn how to process your emotions effectively so that others can trust you can lead. Be aware how your emotions and responses effect the people you are leading and others around you. Leaders understand that work is work, and home life/ personal life stays at home. If you are leading your family then it's the same concept, take your personal issues to another space and when you are okay to lead then go back to your family.



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