In Love With Love

What is Love?! There's so many different types of LOVE but here's my FOUR FAVS!

It is February so you know what that means, everyone is talking about LOVE.


Now I am a sucker for being cheesy and doing Holiday themed anything so you will have to bare with me on that one.

There are so many different types of love and different ways to learn about it but I wanted to talk about my favorite types. I started this Business & blogging adventure based off of my love for LOVE, but not the kind you are thinking of. As you read on you will see how I came up with my business & Blog name.

I knew I was meant to do something big and I have tested names, stories and Niches for a while but nothing was really sticking. Then one day I randomly came across the word AGAPE and I had to literally look up what it meant. There's many versions of the definition but here's my take on it. Agape: selfless love for other people. It's a choice that you make to seek the well-being for others. I LOVED that Idea! It's everything I am and everything I want to share! This resonated with me so much I couldn't pass it up even with plenty of warning that this name won't do my Blog any good. I was too in love with this word! It reminded me of my husband and me giving out food to the people on the streets in Puerto Rico, no judgement and we didn't want anything back. Even though we didn't want anything back,what we did get was HUGE smiling faces and that was more than anyone could ever ask for. It brought us so much Joy to see them happy and to feel like we made a difference in someones life. It was a humbling experience

PHILIA is my Second Favorite kind of Love

which is why I couldn't pass this up either. Again I had to look it up and here's my take on the word. Philia: Friendships built on good will to live fuller lives by relating to each other authentically. I treasure the friendships I have with my close friends that has been built off of authentic connections over something we all share in common. Another reason why I love this word is because I made so many connections with so many people while I worked at a bank (sales position) and it wasn't because of my sales skill but because everyone who came to me would tell me how much they appreciated how Genuine I am. I try to live my life as Genuine as possible, if people care about me enough they will take that over being fake or "salesy" any day and if that's not LOVE I don't know what is. If anyone who knows me and I met you through that job, I still think about you all and appreciate our friendship!

Now let's be honest I cannot fit every ancient Greek word for LOVE into my Business & Blog name but there's still 2 more types! STORGE is one of the 4 types of LOVE and again I loved what I learned about it. Storge: is Love for family members; parents, children,siblings etc. Being Hawaiian this definitely resonates with me as well. We (Hawaiians) Hold this Type of LOVE very near and dear to our hearts. We have deep appreciation for the people we came from, we were raised with and the families we created. This is why my favorite saying during a loss is "we hurt hard, because we have loved hard". It's simply the most precious kind of LOVE there is.

The last Kind of LOVE is EROS, this is an intimate Type of LOVE it's in reference to Desire.

This I feel, is like a more fun and personal type of love between partners. Now this is just as important as the others because it's a physical way to Love. This kind of love between partners is equally giving & receiving. It's a beautiful balance and just as beautiful to physically show someone you love them as it is to say it. After-all this kind of love is not THE most important types' in relationships but it definitely has a huge impact on our relationship with our partner.

I have loved learning about LOVE and I hope you have too! if any of these have resonated with you then please tell me about it in a comment! I would love to see your take on these types of LOVE.

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