It's My Birthday!!!

Why am I making such a big deal about my birthday this year?! Besides that I was Born on St. Patrick's Day..this year is pretty Special

A Post all About Me! It is my day afterall...

This has been an Insane year so far and it has only just begun! I am not sure why but I didn't like being 33 in the first place, feels like such a odd year (no pun intended). So I am SUPER EXCITED to turn #34 ! (by the way I am making this post totally in whatever crazy writing style and typo's I feel like because it's my party and i'll typo if I want to lol (did you sing that like the song "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to?).

This year and Turning #34 is monumental for me. This year I have decided enough is enough, I am taking care of me. I am never one to make anything about me so this actually feels really good and empowering. I lived my whole life helping others, empathizing for others and putting others first. I could preach about how people should be kind to themselves and love themselves and all this glorious positivity, but I wasn't doing it for me. Well, Welcome Glorious 2020 this year, is all about me! I am only going to help others, AFTER helping myself, I am going to show myself empathy and compassion before others, I am going to put me and my needs before others. Okay, so let's be realistic I am taking care of me so I can properly care for others lol....what did you really think?! that out of the blue one day I would wake up so vein, everything is all about me?! What is really going on is that I have learned if I want to truly help others and be a support system for others I have to take care of me first or I won't be working at my full capacity. In order to properly take care of my kids and my husband I have to be in the right mind space.

Through this new journey I have found something so beautiful, ME! I am finding myself more and more each day. I am finding what makes me happy, I am finding my talents, I am finding joy through just about anything I do lately! The best part is finding my confidence and self-love! I may be a bit of a handful at the moment but I don't even care because it feels so good and so freeing to just love me for who I am! I have taken more pictures than I have ever taken, I have looked in the mirror more than I ever have, and best yet I have given myself more compliments than I ever have in my entire life! The best part is, my 4 girls are seeing this and instead of finding self-love at #34 yrs old, it will happen a lot sooner for them!

What will my day consist of ?! Who knows! Lately I never know what I am going to do and I have learned to just let things go! I use to be such a planner and I would get so stressed out and especially when things didn't go as planned. What a waste! Don't get me wrong it's okay to be somewhat organized and plan things out, but not at the expense of my happiness and at the chance of being stressed. Life is too short! It's almost like I woke up one day and decided that I am only going to do things that makes me happy! I set the boundary and either you are on board or you are not welcome to this party I call life! Well, whatever my day brings I will be sure to share it with my favorite people,my supporters- YOU! Thank you all for reading my blog and for your participation on my Social Media! Also don't forget to go to my website and Join My Birthday club so that I can give you an E-mail shout out on your special day and who knows what crazy enter to win I will have going on each month for anyone who Joins the club!


The biggest thing I could ask for on my St. Patrick's Day Birthday is for people to check out this blog & share it, check out my website & share it and follow me on my social media channels!

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I know you're not suppose to tell your wish but how can I get what I wish for if I don't ask for it?!

Thank you All for making this a very special day!

here are my links and I hope you enjoy! I have worked so very hard to put them all together!

Please Don't forget that my Soul Focus on this New Adventure is Holistic Life Coaching (see what I did there), is helping you take care of your mind, body and soul the same way I learned to, with the tools that come from within!

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!

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