Lasting Love

Love is still in the Air ... with the rest of these Greek Words

In my last post I talked about

  1. Agape: Selfless love

  2. Philia: Authentic Friendships

  3. Eros: Sexual, physical, passionate

  4. Storge: Family

Now we are going to continue with this journey of fascinating Greek words to describe all the different types of love and how to apply them to your relationship.


I have to start with this one!

Ludus has to be my second favorite kind of love. There is just something about being playful and flirty that is so enticing! This to me is an exciting kind of love! Think about it when you are first dating, you get that know what I am talking about. You get this tingling and excitement every time you touch, every time you sweet talk, and when you get playful. For me I am the biggest sucker when it comes to dancing and I have always wanted to dance bachata! Bachata is such a sexual and flirty dance!

Keep in mind though all of this isn't just for when you are dating (despite the description of Ludus). It is extremely important to practice this kind of love when you are married. I know that being married for so long, you may not get that strong and intense feeling like you do when it's all fresh but even so, you must still keep this kind of love alive. I always try to flirt with my husband, tell him how sexy he is and talk sweet and give flirty looks. I always want my husband to feel wanted, to feel desired...and of course I always love when he returns the sentiment.


This is what relationship goals look like. This is a love between long lasting couples! I know I have always dreamed about finding this kind of love and now I have it. My husband and I have been together for 14 years (going on 15) and I couldn't be more proud. Really there is such a sense of pride in having a long lasting relationship, especially in todays world. To reach this kind of stage in life and continuing with the notion of forever is more beautiful than I can put into words. I think that practicing ALL of these different kinds of loves is what gets you to this stage in life. It is so important to always work on your relationship.


This is probably the most important kind of love you could ever have and for many reasons. Self-love, the first love you should ever have. It is important to love yourself, and be good to yourself. Self-love creates such a healthy life for yourself and even for your partner! Have you ever thought about how having, or not having self-love effects your partner and your relationship? Think about it, if not having this love effects you, it has to effect everyone around you. You have to take care of yourself and be good to you, so that you can feel good, positive, and happy... and so you can be open to accepting the love around you. I hope you practice self-love everyday. There are so many ways to practice it and so many resources, please make sure that if you are having a hard time with this, to reach out.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I know Thursdays I typically do Quick Tips but because I had to break up my posts this week I will do a Special Saturday post with Quick Tips! Stay Tuned

I Hope You Have A Day As Beautiful As You Are!

This month I am working with women on how to maximize their relationships and take them to the next level! When it comes to relationships there's so much to learn.

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