Marriage and Money

Couples who work on finances together, stay together

When it comes to Money and Relationships everyone has their own opinions and ways of handling finances. The thing about mixing money and marriage is that there's no wrong or right way. You will find some couples like to keep everything completely separate, some like to have parts of finances separate and some finances together and others put everything all together. What kind of couple are you?!

Couple #1: Completely Separate Finances

This kind of couple likes to have separate bank accounts. By doing this, it is a way of keeping their privacy and keeping their finances safeguarded. This kind of couple also handles all the bills separately too. The Wife has her bank account and any bills she accrues will be paid with her check in her bank account. The Husband will do the same, pay his bills with his bank account.

Couple #2: Some Finances Together, Some Finances Separate

This kind of couple keeps a balance where they work together but through separate accounts. This is a common way to handle finances. All bills will be put together but then delegated and paid through separate accounts. Some bills will be in one person's name and the rest in the other persons name, creating a balanced budget. Another Scenario for this couple is that they have their separate checking account and then one shared bank account and pay all bills through the shared account.

Couples #3: All Finances Together

This kind of couple shares a bank account without having any side accounts. All bills are paid together through this one account. This couple budgets together, pays bills together and saves together. Everything is done in unison.

Keep in mind there is no wrong or right way to handle money in a marriage, technically. The only way you can do it wrong is if you are not in an agreement as a couple, which could be damaging in a relationship. Communication will be key when it comes to handling finances in a relationship. The best tips for this kind of communication is;

  1. Be open and keep an open mind

  2. have a calm and honest conversation about how you want to handle your finances

  3. come to a mutual agreement where both partners are in agreement and happy about how finances will be handles in your relationship

  4. No matter what you choose, make sure you continue to communicate and let each other know that bills are taken care of.

  5. Above all, build trust when it comes to finances. Trust and Communication is everything in any topic when it comes to being married.

My Marriage and Money

My husband and I are Couple #2 we split everything and share at the same time. We both have separate checking and savings accounts. When it comes to budgeting, I do that part and then explain to my husband who's paying what. We split our bills according to our checks and then pay them. Whatever is left over after paying bills we keep and don't ask questions. This way we work together but in the end he has what's his and I have what's mine. It's nice to work together but still have our individuality. The couples who do this have their own reasons and there are many reasons to choose from. I say to each their own because as I said before there's no wrong or right way to do this, just the way that suites you.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions don't be afraid to reach out and if not then just stay tuned for next week where I give quick tips and tricks on how to make each scenario work for you as a couple.

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