No Shame in Taking Care of You

I have taken a lot of pride in taking care of myself lately. I never realized before how important self-care actually is.

Being a Parent it is hard to take care of yourself. A lot of it has to do with being way too busy all the time. The other factor is guilt, and it happens way to easily. When you are taking care of yourself, you are taking time away from others. Even though this statement might feel very true for most, it doesn't have to be your truth. For the longest time it was this way for me but since I have started my Journey I am no longer allowing myself to feel guilty for taking care of me. If you have read my last blog then you will remember me saying that if you don't take care of you then you won't be able to take care of others. That argument alone should shut down the guilt factor, as it has for me. I am making it a person mission to take care of me from here on out! The good part about this is, it's actually good for my family to witness this. Sounds crazy right? I mean I did just say that this takes time away from my family, but allow me to explain. When I am taking care of me I am setting an example, my kids will see what I am doing and they will learn how important self-care is as well. Maybe from doing this they will also become a little more self sufficient and not rely on Mommy for everything, they will start to learn what they like and what their needs are and how to tend to those needs. By taking care of myself I am also setting an example for my husband because men need self-care too! Our partners play a very vital role in the day to day life and need to be happy and healthy too in order to take care of others.

What Am I Doing for Self-Care?

This week at work I had to get some things in order and explain to people I am calling to make sure they are taken care of before I am out of the office all next week on vacation. The initial reactions were "oh were are you going on vacation"? I let them know I am not actually going anywhere, I am just staying home ( A Staycation if you will) and taking care of me. Their next reaction was " oh that's nice, get some quit time". In theory saying " I am going on vacation", sounds like self-care right?! Well sorry my friends it's not that cut and dry, it feels like it helps but is it really? Vacations to me are more of a temporary get away but it's not really taking care of yourself. Self-care is deeper than a quick fix, it's taking the time to get to know yourself, your needs and then tending to those needs. Self-Care is about taking care of your mind, body and soul, it's a process. So, my vacation is actually going to consist of waking up early and working out in the mornings. It sounds like a lot of work and man does my body get sore afterwards but my goal is to awaken my body peacefully instead of waking up last minute and running out the door because I am about to be late. Waking up properly is something I really want to figure out. Maybe most days I will work out in the morning, get my body going and mind going and have good energy. Maybe other mornings I will wake up when I feel like it, make breakfast and then work on my business. During my Staycation I am also going to take time to read and tend to my Mental Self-care needs. Most days I am going to tend to my Emotional self-care needs. This one is going to be huge for me because I have been surrounded by a lot of negativity and I need to sort things out and what some triggers are and how to set healthy boundaries. See what I am doing here? I am tending to All self-care needs on my vacation, I am not going out or traveling and having to pack and sight see. I am simply staying home to discover myself and tend to some things that have been pushed to the side for far too long.

When I talked about my vacation there were way too many reactions of " oh wow, I never thought of that! Everyone should do that". Yes, everyone should take the time for themselves! So if you are reading this, and dare I say get inspired from it then you Should take the time for you! You don't necessarily have to take a vacation for self-care either. You can make time every day just for self-care even if its just for 20 mins, especially if you aren't doing this for yourself already then 20 mins may be a good start. You should never be too busy for you! What's even better is that with the internet there are so many amazing resources to really learn what self care is. If you are on twitter there's plenty of people to meet who talk about self-care and if you are not on twitter you don't know what you are missing out on and you need to go get it because I have never seen a platform with such a wealth of people and information that is truly amazing and inspiring! I may be biased but I love twitter and have learned a lot from so many beautiful people, and if you are following me or want to follow me I love helping others promote their work! You see, Self-care, and Holistic Life Coaching is so important to me and not because it's my business but because it's a business with compassion and I want to help others even if it means getting it from someone else.

I hope you all consider taking a staycation even if it's just for a few days and really tend to your needs because you are important! Most importantly I hope you share this with your friends and family because as it seems, there needs to be a lot more awareness as to what Self-Care actually is and what it looks like! Sharing is Caring!

I hope you all have a day as beautiful as your and take care!

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