Nominated For A Blogging Award!

Imagine my surprise as I am driving to Dallas to pick up an order for my store (coming soon) and I go to check my phone, and what I see is that I have been nominated for a bloggers award!!! I was in shock and I wish I could've hurried up to get home to thank the owner of Sarah- I have connected with this beautiful soul on Twitter and I absolutely love her work but most importantly her sweet personality! I love reading her blog because you can learn a lot from her about living a beautiful Boho lifestyle. Also we have a lot of common interest, not to mention she writes so beautifully. I want to invite you to read her blog and enjoy the amazing topics she writes about!

Here are the rules for when you are nominated...


1. Thank the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.

( Thank you immensely Sarah @ for nominating me!!!)

2. Make a post of the award (with a photo of the logo).

3. Post the rules

4. Ask 5-10 questions of your choice.

5. Nominate 10-30 other bloggers (or more) and notify them.

I nominated the following bloggers (trust me they are in no particular order because this is a list of equally beautiful and amazing people!!!) :

  1. Life Coach Laurie @ - She is one of the sweetest people I have met (and I swear we are two peas in a pod) She is fun, outgoing and just so amazing at guiding you through your journey and provides so many tools and resources to help you become a happier you!

  2. Victoria @ - This is one of my absolute favorite travel blogs to follow! Talk about a wordsmith! When reading her blogs you will feel like you are in that place and like a pro navigating through the area! If you are a visual person and someone who wants to travel you will LOVE this blog! Just reading her it I am ready to create a bucket list and plan some trips in the future (after COVID)!

  3. Pam @ - I enjoy reading Pam's posts and I think you will too! She talks about this thing called adulting! and what a topic to talk about because life doesn't come with a manual and it definitely isn't easy but with her tips, tricks and wonderful advice it sure does make it easier and a lot more positive!

  4. Julie @ - I will enjoy commending Julie! she is the first person I really and deeply connected with when I started my journey! She blogs about deeply contemplating life and and the things around us! The very essence of what we see and do on a daily basis, she will definitely leave you appreciating so many things we don't normally take the time to slow down and appreciate.

  5. Vanessa @ - Another person who has been such a beautiful friend from the very beginning even before my blogging journey! She is a big ball of sunshine and such an intelligent woman. She is a therapist on a mission to help people change their lives with heartfelt intentions.

  6. Sarah @ -Who doesn't love a good baking blog?! The best part is that she has tables for those who aren't baking savvy (such as myself) and so much more! Take a look at her blog (and the yummy pictures she puts with it) and you will be hooked!

  7. Courtney @ - You will never get bored reading this blog! This amazing momma has so many topics; family, mental health, food and DIY (personally I think is a super cool Topic!). You won't regret getting lost in her blog!

  8. Chelsea @ - This momma is a Hustler! she works works works and it shows because her blog is amazing! She covers so many topics about living your best lifestyle! There are so many tips and topics she talks about I would love for you to go take a look for yourself!!!

  9. Tanya @ - She has a beautiful blog with the vision of kindness and love! She talks about mental health, self improvement and so much more! She has a beautiful soul and I love to get lost in her vision!

  10. Am I already at 10?! oh no! the last person I am going to nominate is such a sweet caring and supportive friend! I am talking about Glen @ - He talks about Business, online hustles and financial topics! He is an independent consultant ready to help small businesses! So if you have a small business don't pass up the opportunity to work with this guy! The way I see it though small business or not his blog is phenomenal to read and you won't want to miss it!

There are quite a few things that I would love to know about my fellow nominated bloggers.....

  1. If you could only give one message in two sentences what would it be?

  2. If you had a tagline what would it be?

  3. What impression are you hoping to give when meeting people (in person or internet)?

  4. Who has been your biggest inspirations? 1 related 1 non related and 1 famous (past or present)

  5. Whats the biggest thing you want to achieve in this life?

  6. When in your life have you felt humbled?

  7. If you could teach the next generation just one lesson what would it be?


Here are the questions I was asked by Sarah:

  • why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I felt I had a lot on my mind and this was the perfect creative outlet for it, not to mention my hopes in helping people. Funny enough I also wanted to blog because I Love to be an inspiration and motivator for others and I had experienced being that person at the bank I worked for! I was known for being motivating and inspirational. Even people who never even met me face to face, knew who I was because of my spirit!

  • Do you prefer tea or coffee? Why?

Coffee all the way! I like tea and I think I would be a major tea person if I wasn't scared to death of the ingredients ( I am allergic to a lot of things). Coffee is safe and it tastes so good!

  • If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be and why?

I would be a weeping willow because of it's absolute beauty! I think it is one of the most gorgeous trees. I think it represents the same importance of a "good cry", you weep so you can let go of the weight that you were holding on to, and then you feel new and refreshed and bigger than any problem you had.

  • What is your writing process from idea to publishing?

I write in themes, I love themes and I write my first post based off of experiences and feelings and then the next post is tips and tricks based off of the topic I chose to write about for the week. When I write there's no sense to the chaos that comes out I just let it all out with no order lol.

  • How do you attract new readers?

Still working on far I promote on social media (I am so new at all this)

  • What is your blogging style?

I honestly have no idea what my style is but people say I have a certain style...I know when I blog I write as if I am talking to a person one on one, face to face...but I don't know if that's what people see or what that is even called lol.

  • What advice would you give to newbie bloggers?

Just dive in, don't over think it, don't be shy and just have fun!!!!

Have a Day as Beautiful As You Are!

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