One Step Behind

One Step Behind, One Step Stronger

I had this beautiful conversation with someone in a coaching group/course I am taking with Eli Vazquez (his self hype course ). The conversation was so beautiful and deep that I had to share the base of it! The person I was talking to said this is my motto, and that it's a good one. "One Step Behind, One Step Stronger".

One Step Behind...

What this means is that when you don't have a lot of Guidance or stability when you grow up, you tend to get left behind. I remember at times my whole world was moving rapidly but at the same time I was standing still in it. For this reason, I was always a step behind in learning and growing. I remember all these people in my life were there, but not there for me. I always did amazing in school (always on honor roll) and I always tried hard but I always just felt behind. At times I didn't have a lot of focus on any one thing, I didn't have guidance or help with sense of direction. You know how parents have those talks with their kids "What do you want to be when you grow up", and then they guide their child as best as they can for them to take the path they want, and help them stay on that path. I didn't have that, I wish I did because I know I have it in me to be something BIG. I use to find it hard to focus and sometimes I would do things just to prove that I could do them, it was the one way I would sometimes feel better about myself. I have a natural talent for things without really knowing how they work, for example: playing instruments (even though I can't read music), speaking spanish (Even though literally no one would teach me), sewing (even though I can't read a pattern), drawing and so much more.

At my age I am very aware of the things I am behind on, personal & basic finance was a huge one for me and it actually became a passion once I figured most of it out. Most people (should be) taught basic finances when they are 18 - 20 years old, I started at 30. This is my best example of being a step behind. This same scenario is played out in different ways in certain areas of my life. The hardest part about being a step behind, and being very aware of it, is it tends to be embarrassing. I know I shouldn't be embarrassed of something that really was out of my control but at the end of the day you just are. What is in my control though is taking charge of my life now. If you haven't experienced this, it's hard to understand why a person would feel embarrassed about this. On the other hand I have come across so many people who know exactly how this feels.

One Step Stronger

There is something positive in everything and everything happens for a reason. I choose to believe that my upbringing happened for a reason, and I am at peace with it. I am not sad, and I do not resent the way I grew up. The truth is, it made me who I am today. If I didn't struggle through life I would not have fought to live better, stronger, and bolder. I never let anything hold me down or hold me back. Everything that should have broken me, made me stronger, smarter, and resilient. Who can be mad at that? Also, because of experiences that I had, I feel like it made me the Holistic Life Coach I am today and it's something I am meant to be. I am meant to help people like me to; relate, to feel like they are not alone, hopefully help them find their voice and to help them be positive and coach them through life's transitions and growth, when they get stuck... when they feel behind and need a little guidance. Because I overcame so much in my little lifetime ( I mean I am only 34) I feel like I have a message and I can be an example for others, at least that's my goal in life.

The Best part of being

One Step Stronger

Since I have learned to be at peace with my past and embrace the things I gained rather than the things that I have's been freeing. Honestly, I have never felt so good in my life like I do right now at this moment. I do a lot of reflecting, and thinking about how far I have come mentally, emotionally and even physically. It took a long time to realize how strong I am. The funny thing is up until recently I use to think I was weak. Now that I see the truth, I know I am an amazing, strong and unique human being. It's a gift to have that mind shift, to have that ground breaking moment of understanding what the purpose was behind your past, your life, and your struggles. Now for some people they have ground breaking moments at a much younger age (which is what this whole post is about) but you just have to keep in mind everything happens when it's suppose to. It's so much more rewarding when you let your journey unfold when it's meant to and how it's meant to.

One Step behind, or One Step Stronger.

You get to decide how you see yourself, not how others perceive you or how other people categorize you or make you feel. Only you can control your mindset, motivation and positivity.

I hope this post has given you motivation and positivity on how you see things from here on out. Anything is possible and you are strong enough to do anything and accomplish anything you put your mind to. If this is something you are struggling with you can go to my website and book a session for us to work together If you know anyone who may need to read this blog or book a session please share! not for me, but for them. As always, Thank you for being a part of my journey and supporting what I do. I hope you all have a day as beautiful as you are.

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