Self-Discovery for Professional Growth

Before starting a Job or Career there's one thing you need first, Self-Love!

What in the world does self-love have to do with Work? Well let me tell you...

If you are just starting out in the career world, or if you are looking for a new job for any reason or maybe you are quitting a toxic place and starting over, it all can be pretty intimidating. These situations can all have you wondering what in the world am I going to do?! What skills do I even really have? Am I even going to be qualified for the jobs that I apply for? These are all good questions. It is only natural to ask yourself these kinds of questions but it's not good to go this route or this thought process. You should be confident enough to know that you are amazing and you can do anything you put your mind to! I am literally talking to each and every one of you reading this NO EXCEPTIONS!

You have to love yourself enough to say that no matter what your next adventure is you ARE strong enough, smart enough, brave enough....YOU are enough! So let's start there. take some time for self-discovery before your adventure. What talents do you have? What are your top skills that you can bring to this new position? More importantly what is your passion? Are you passionate about the positions you are applying for? If not then you may already be starting off on the wrong foot. Of course, anyone can get a job just because they qualify or because it was available but this won't satisfy you and you may end up in a rut later. Be good to yourself, have some positive self talk and really evaluate what a BadA** you really are and just think about that for a moment!

Here are 4 ways you can get ready for your next adventure

1. Tend to your Mind. Give yourself some Self-Love and credit for how talented you are and the skills you have! Build yourself up and build up your confidence too.

2. Dress for Success! Dress for the Job you want! If you are going for a job that has a dress code or not, always dress in a way that makes you feel good, makes you feel confident. If you don't feel good it will show and even effect your performance.

3. Take care of your Soul! If you are getting out of a bad experience, process those feelings until you are able to get rid of toxic feelings! If you are coming from a bad experience don't take it to heart. Don't let a bad experience keep you from exploring and developing. Whatever happens own your truth and don't let anyone influence you negatively. Be so confident that no one can shake you! Know who you are and accept that you are remarkable!

4. Take care of your emotional needs! When going for a new job it can be really emotional. The best way to overcome negative emotions is by understanding what you need and thinking about that for the next place you apply to. Bring some really good positive emotions into your next adventure. Think about what you want your daily routine to look like. Even if you can't control your work environment, control your environment! Create a morning routine that aligns with your happiness and your boundaries. Also create an afternoon routine for after work that aligns with your happiness. Even as parents you deserve to take 20 mins for each routine or at least 10 just so that you can have some kind of positivity and light in your day.

Whatever your next adventure is don't hold yourself back! Apply for any and all jobs as long as you know you can find happiness in them. Don't worry about applying for jobs that you think you are qualified for, go for any and all the ones you want. You will have an interview process so let them be the ones to decided if you qualify or not! You may be surprised! You may not even have the skills you need but eventually you could develop new skills you never thought you would have! Go for what makes you happy and the rest will fall into place. I never thought I was qualified to work in the financial industry but here I am 5 years later!

My favorite saying in the world is

"Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars", written by Les Brown!

How Beautiful is that?! I strongly believe everyone is a star and if you don't realize it or need help sorting through thoughts I would LOVE to listen and coach you through your process until you realize just how insanely awesome you are! I hope this has inspired you before your next adventure and helped you get prepared to be the best you when you step out into the work world! If you like this article please give it a Heart or leave a comment, even better share it with your friends! Especially the ones that are thinking about leaving a job, a toxic work place or just looking for work! They will thank you later!

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