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Updated: Jun 24

Who would have thought that we would still be in Quarantine

Most of us are still living the Quarantine Life. Some of us are going about our daily lives as if nothing happened. Everyone is different and has different opinions on this matter. different opinions, is to be expected since COVID has been around longer than expected and was never planned for in the first place.

How are you handling Quarantine? I remember in the beginning of all this, people were having online parties and trying to make the best of it. They probably thought this was going to last a month at the most. I have noticed that those parties have slowed down if not stopped. The plan behind these online parties? To keep things light and positive! Do we not still need something uplifting and fun? or has it slowed down because things are opening up and people are trying to "get back to normal", or should I say "get to the new normal"? How are you feeling about the Positivity and Distractions slowing down? Should they be brought back? My personal Opinion we need them now more than ever! Why, Because we have been in the house (under Quarantine) for far too long and rightfully so might I add.

Work Life:

How has your work life been? Have you been working from home? or are you one of the many essential workers? By the way I can't even believe how many Amazing people are stepping up and sticking to their jobs and continually putting themselves at constant risk. If that's you and you are reading this...from the bottom of my heart thank you. Are you one of the many people that have lost their job? If you are, I am truly sorry. Isn't it funny how it can feel like mourning...I mean you are going through a loss; a loss of a job/career, your second home basically and not to mention income. How are you pushing through that? I hope you all are doing the best that you can and you are doing okay. The one thing about this Quarantine Life is, you are not alone! You have Billions of people that are feeling what you are feeling, and going through what you are going through. You are not alone. I was working at a Financial Advisor office full time making great money and my life was going so good! I was on an amazing track to my goals. Now I work one day a week and my income isn't steady and here I am trying to build a business. In fact one thing I actually love about this is, this lifestyle has brought out the entrepreneur in everyone...its really quite beautiful even though it's hard as hell.

Family/Home Life

How has your family been handling this Quarantine? I will be completely honest (as I always am) my family is having a hard time. In the beginning we did fun things and got creative to help pass time but we are starting to run out of things to do. Most likely because we didn't think we'd have to be creative all the time. We pass time by cleaning, by letting the kids be in the yard and doing arts and crafts, but really how much can you do in a house or in a yard every day for so many months? I am sure we will get our spark back because everyone in my house are go getters and have can do attitudes, we're just going through a rough patch is all. Also my husband and I are getting through our Honey Do lists, finally! Have you been talking with your kids about how they are feeling and what they are going through during Quarantine? I have endlessly tried explaining to my babies why we can't go out like we use too and some days they are okay with it but others not so much. I always do a check in with my babies to see where they're mindset is to make sure they are okay. I do (naturally) often worry about how my kids are doing, which is why I created Mommy & me coaching sessions and Facebook groups. I want kids to be able to talk to each other and I want moms to be able to check in with each other as well. Even though we are isolated, it doesn't mean we need to be socially isolated too.

FINALLY .... I get to talk about Personal Finance!!! you have no idea how long I have waited for this day!

~I need to Focus~

Personal Financial Life:

We talked about jobs a little, but how has it effected your finances? I am the biggest fan of Personal Finance and I LOVE to budget...but even lately I have not been enjoying this. For me being a big PF (Personal Finance) Buff I am struggling. I can't truly budget because I don't know what my income is from month to month. Do you find yourself having the same problem? The best thing I can tell you is, just do what you can, if you can only budget a week out then only budget a week out. You have to keep in mind that you have to be kind to yourself because this is all new territory! I will say that I am happy that I have been able to make enough to keep up with bills and keep paying my credit cards and things that help me build up credit. My credit Journey has been my favorite journey and I am glad that this quarantine hasn't effected that. However, this quarantine has stressed me out when it comes to bills, I may pay them but it's still stressful. Some weeks we are confident and other weeks we are hoping we get by. You see, I am such a HUGE PF Buff because 4 years ago I finally got introduced to the world of Personal Finances and I built myself from the ground up and also taught my husband a thing or two. I just wish that I would've had figured things out a bit sooner so that we would've actually had a decent savings for when this all happened, but who could've predicted this? Well my financial journey is a story for another day.

Quarantine Life

Now that we know that this new lifestyle isn't changing any time soon, if there is anything you want to discuss that is pertaining to this post or to the services I provide please reach out! I cannot tell you enough how much I want to help people during this time, I think it may be the empath in me. Also check me out at...

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Hang in there beautiful people! It's been tough but we are tougher! and together we can get through this! Us parents and our beautiful children!



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