Strength Through Struggles

There is nothing more important than knowing how to stay strong during hard times

Right now is a prime example of struggles and hard times. Yesterday was Easter and the whole world has been put on hold, keeping us away from traditions and family time. How did you hold up? Did you make it through or did you struggle? I will always be completely open and honest with my audience, Yesterday was hard! The truth is it is okay to admit when times are hard. It's okay to be who you are and still admit when you are struggling, that doesn't make you any less professional and it certainly doesn't make you weak as a person in general. Honestly no one is perfect and no one has their stuff completely together. However, it is good to be a person who can keep a sound mind during these times. If this is something you need to work on that is okay! let's work on it!

Coming from a Mother's Aspect:

Being a mom it is vital to set an example right here, right now, during times like this. Being a mom and living through Quarantine you have to know how to handle things and when. I woke up being as bright and positive as I could be because I know that my kids are watching. Even when you think you're kids don't pay attention to you, like ever...they really do! I woke up singing and making coffee and being silly because I knew that's what my kids would need. Internally, what I needed was my family/in-laws and some sense of normalcy too. We get together every year for Easter and have the most outrageous fun you could think of, and this reflecting on our traditions did two things:

First, this made me very grateful to know that I have something to look forward to. It makes me happy knowing that our family is the kind of family that gets together and has an entire day filled with love, laughter and pure joy. I am grateful for every family tradition we have, it's so important.

The other part of this also makes me very sad, it really hit my heart today. I had to remember the kids are watching. The day started off pretty good but then it got rocky after a while. I couldn't be mad at my babies for being frustrated and having mini breakdowns. I couldn't break down in tears, even though I wanted to. I know they are watching my reactions and my girls would then in return do the same. I know that if I broke down in front of my kids then I would have been showing them that when things get bad, PANIC and that is not the message I want to send my kids. This post doesn't just pertain to Coronavirus, in general we need to know how to handle ourselves during hard times. Even if you do not have kids I am sure there is someone in your life that you are an example for. Rather you knew this or not, at some point in your life you are or have been a leader and during struggles everyone needs a leader.

Coming From a Wife's Aspect:

Being a wife there are two parts of what I am about to tell you. First, I am Hawaiian and we believe the women are the stronghold of the family, it is our job to step in and take charge and make sure things are running smoothly. When I saw that Easter was effecting our family, I had to group everyone in our house together and have a conversation. The best part of being a Life Coach and a HUGE advocate on positivity and motivation, is that I get to use that with my own situations. The second part to this is, once I got my family to calm down and relax I got to have my moment. I know I have talked about being strong for my kids, strong for my husband, but it's important that you have someone who is strong for you. I am blessed that my husband and I take turns on being strong for each other. He is so amazing when I am going through my hard times. Who knows maybe some of my mindset and my coaching has rubbed off on him.

I hope you really hear this next part because this is the most important part of being a leader in the family. When I have my hard times I will tell my husband let's go to our room and talk. Never in front of the kids when you know it's something that can have an effect on them one way or another. I let my husband know, look this is hard on me and it's hard for me to see our family struggle but I need us to get it together and stick together. I let him know that I am so sad we can't be with family, it's hard because literally no one in the world suspected this quarantine to last so long, it's hard because I know my babies are suffering and they don't even understand why. It's a lot to take on as a mother and it's also a lot to take in as an empath. The most important thing for me to feel supported, is to be able to process my thoughts and emotions (just like everyone else). Luckily my husband always knows what to say and what to do so that I can pick myself back up and get it together too.

Two things I hope you got from this post is:

1. It is important to be an example for those around you that look to you for leadership

2. Make sure that you are getting what you need to be taken care of too! Everyone needs someone, everyone needs support.

If you are needing someone to talk to about how your Easter went and how Quarantine has effected your holiday traditions or you are simply missing family then book a FREE session with me at and type in the code COVID-19 this will only be available until the end of the month so please if you are looking for someone to talk to or if you are needing a little help on setting a positive mindset then please reach out! I hope you all stay strong, stay calm, STAY HOME, and stay safe but most importantly have a day as beautiful as you are! Don't let this get you down sunshine, we got this!

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