Sunshine After The Rain

Storms aren't all bad....

When we are going through struggles in life it's hard to see that there will be light at the end of the storm, but it's there.

I have been in situations myself where everything just seemed dark and cloudy with no light in sight. I very quickly learned though that there is a silver lining in everything, accompanied with sunshine and rainbows.

How do you get that sense of silver lining? Trust, hope and faith...super cheesy right? but it's true, you have to trust that taking care of your Mind Body and Soul will have it's rewards. You have to have hope that things will change and get better. Also, you have to have faith that it will actually all work itself out and you are not alone.

The Sun is shining, it's time to celebrate!

But wait a minute, we will get there soon...there is something we must do first before we celebrate our wins. Just like we took care of our Mind Body and Soul before and during the storm we have to do the same when it passes. Boo right?! I know but trust me this is all for the good.

Mind: Take time to acknowledge what you had to do to get through your storm. Take note of what you did to make it all work out in the end. This will help you be ready, and be prepared for the next storm that comes. Learning from yourself and from your past, is one of the most valuable ways to learn in life. Take the time to figure out the lesson and truly understand it. That's the beauty in storms, it pushes you to be better and do better.

Body: So you made your win and yes you took care of your body before and during the storm (hopefully) but the best part is after the storm. This is when you get to truly relax, everything has been handled and there's no reason to be tense. Sometimes when we are trying to be intentional with our self-care it doesn't always work out until the storm has passed. What does your after care look like? If you don't have an after care routine, then it's a good time to start one!

Soul: When we are going through hard times it's a lot of work to take care of our soul. Even though it's something you are doing for yourself, it still takes a lot of work. When the storm has passed, is when things happen a lot easier and smoother. Sometimes going through the storm there's negativity that can really give us push back and makes it hard to get the results we want. At this point though, everything is taken care of and we get to take in deep breaths and feel that sense of accomplishment and feel at peace. Have you ever tried to take deep breaths when your upset but it's hard to focus and your chest just feels heavy from the stress? But then when everything is better and you take a deep breath you feel light as a feather. Crazy right?! well take that light as a feather feeling and amplify it with some mental self-care.

Okay, Now it's time to celebrate. Did you know it's okay to celebrate how totally awesome you are? Even if you needed help to get through your storms, you are still absolutely amazing! If it wasn't for you and your determination it would've been a lot harder to get through. It's hard to see it at first, but it takes a lot of strength to do what you do, whatever it is that you needed to get through. Celebrate your victories big or small. Celebrate with your friends, family and supporters. I mean who doesn't like a pat on the back and a "good job", right?! Celebrate by yourself too, it's equally important to have some time alone to soak in the situation as a whole. Have you ever taken the time to celebrate your wins? What did that look like for you? If you haven't taken the time to recognize how fierce you are, it's time to start. The best way to start is self reflection and recognition, that's always a good place to start. Be proud of yourself, you are stronger than you think you are.

Positivity: Now that you have gone through your own personal tornado, take the time to think about the importance of being positive and staying positive. The next time you come to a hard situation just remember to have; trust, hope and faith. Remember there is always a silver lining accompanied with sunshine & rainbows.

Motivation: Remember to reflect and use your wins for motivation. I also hope that you get motivated to help others when they are going through their storms. When you motivate your loved ones, you usually end up motivating yourself to keep doing well. Motivation can have a Domino effect and it's a beautiful thing to experience and witness.

Inspiration: Remember to represent that Agapephilia Lifestyle; Authentic Selfless Love. Trust me when I tell you that other people are watching you. Your haters will be watching you and waiting for you to fail and when you don't, they will inspire you to keep being the Bad*** you are (but remember to do it with a smooth style and grace). When your followers/supporters are watching you, you will be the one to inspire them. They will want to learn from you! But don't let them be just like you, encourage them to be better! There's nothing wrong with letting others be better and do better, because in the end it's all because you inspired them! To me....that's still a win.

Alright sunshine I hope you have a day as beautiful as you are! If you need help getting through a personal storm, check out my services. If you want to celebrate a win, drop a comment on my social media outlets so I can celebrate with you! I love to see other people shine!

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