The 3 R's of Coronavirus!

I have been doing a lot of Learning with everything going on right now! This Coronavirus has really put life into perspective for me and I hope that you receive this message in which it was intended to be received. I have been talking to a lot of people and watching a lot of videos, and facebook or instagram lives and it is good to see that a lot of people have the same thought process as I do! So here is what I have thought about during this time......

We always say we don't have time to do the things we want to do. Now, all we have is time so this is what I have been doing and I hope you all join me!

1. REFLECTING: This is the time to take a look at our lives and what we have been doing with it. What messages have we spread to the world? What lasting imprint do you want to leave, what impression do you want people to have of you? If you had a tagline what would it be? Do you feel like you are living a fulfilling life? A Purpose driven life? If the answer to these questions are no, you haven't thought about it... then the time to do it is now! My Message, is stay positive, don't let this or anything or anyone shake you! Find your inner light, your positivity and spread it like glitter! (You know the bright shiny stuff you can never get rid of and sticks to everything). Also Remember you all are beautiful in your own way and in your own right! Beauty comes from within, and it's so much more radiating than your temporary and ever changing outside beauty! My Tagline, Have a day as beautiful as you are! I created this saying because I love anything and anyone inspirational and with this new spotlight that has been shown on Mr. Rogers (who I watched as a kid) it gave me inspiration like no other and I want everyone to feel good about themselves!

2. RECONNECT: There are so many things I have learned about this free time! My favorite is reconnect! Reconnect with yourself! We always put things off and we never have time. Well Welcome to the Quarantine Life, all you have is time and no room for excuses! So what are you doing with this new found time? What are you doing for you more importantly? We live our daily lives so busy so distracted that we forget who we even are sometimes. We walk around like robots programmed to our job or to our technology or tending to everyone else's needs but our own! This includes me! So who am I ? Who do I want to be? What do I have buried inside? I am an artist in so many ways! I want to draw, I want to read, I want to write and I want to learn how to play the viola, so many things I have put off! Now don't get overwhelmed or discouraged because of how many things you want to do...make a list and just pick one at a time and if you don't get through your list then save it for later and start making time!

Another way to reconnect is by reaching out to family and friends! We use technology for everything except for engaging! What, you thought that just because its a daily word now, that we haven't already been social distancing?! We are socially distant every time we are talking through facebook, Twitter, a text, or whatever social media outlet you are using. We are social distancing when we ask our friends to go out but pay more attention to the phone than we do them, when they are right in front of us! How about you pick up that same thing you are using to read this blog and use it to video chat, or to call a family or friend. Use your technology for the greater good...Your well-being, Your mindset, your mental health!

Last But Definitely NOT Least

RETHINK: This is when we need to sit and rethink how we plan on living even after all this is over. It's a shame that it took a Pandemic Outbreak to make us rethink our lives but let's stay positive, let's take this time as a clean slate. This is our Time for deep thinking and a new chance at all those "Should have, could have and would have's". So, What are you going to keep doing after this? I am going to keep practicing patience because that is a huge factor in what's going on in the world and in our own homes, patience. I am not going to take time for granted. I am not going to take people for granted, socializing for granted. There's so many things that I want to start and want to continue! What is your plan, your next steps....your goal and action items to achieve a new lifestyle? I would love to keep this conversation going so if you want reach out to me, I am all over social media, or at least trying to be. I have my services, my business where I have been practicing Growth and Transitions in life and trying to help those who want to experience the same positive life transformation and motivation! Also there are amazing people to follow as well! The team Pero Like, make sure to check them out! They are so inspiring especially because of their beauty and wisdom at such a young age and they are so full of life! Check out Jay Shetty and his wife, both are beautiful, smart, inspiring and motivating and all those amazing words that work together to describe such beautiful people. Whoever you turn to and however you follow your journey, just make sure that you are finding the positive and connecting with people who want to help your light and positivity shine.

Thank you for reading this and your beautiful support. I know I said I wasn't going to write about Coronavirus when this whole thing started out ( then again I didn't think it was going to be a pandemic) but I felt like this time was necessary to get my message across and help you think about what you want your message to be! Thank you all again and have a day as beautiful as you are!

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