Wake Up Call

Hello, This is your soul calling

There comes a time in everyone's life where you get stuck in a rut. It could be from dealing with any of the million things life throws at you! As you all know and as I have said before there is no manual for this thing that we call life. Sure, there is plenty of advice from parents, friends, co-workers, the internet, and even from professionals. The one person we forget to listen to sometimes though, is our inner voice. There's that deep gravitational pull that comes from somewhere, sometimes it's so faint because we have pushed it away so many times for one reason or another. That pull is your soul telling you to listen. Listen, closer...Do you even recognize your own voice? your own needs? I would love for you to take a deep breath, close your eyes and see if you can connect with yourself. Do you know what you need?

We get so caught up in daily life. If you are a parent, you do anything and everything for your family and sometimes you get lost in your busy lifestyle you forget that you matter too. If you are an empath, with or without kids, you get lost in caring for others or trying to please others that again, you forget you need to take care of you. There's so many different types of people and so many reasons why we live such busy lives, maybe it's just today's culture?! At the end of the day it always comes down to getting lost, forgetting who you are and what you need, OR maybe you do know but you are just too tired to tend to your needs. This is a lifestyle that needs to stop! One thing that I have heard before is " It's a part of being a parent", or " It is a part of life", well I am sorry but I cannot accept that answer. I may be wrong, who knows, but what I do know is I am on a mission to reclaiming my happiness and I don't feel sorry for it. Personally I don't think you should feel sorry either if you choose to go down that path. I am an empath and I have literally taken care of anyone and everyone first, my entire life. Well I am getting older, maybe wiser, but definitely more tired. Of course I am still going to take care of others, just not before me is all.

So who am I? I am an islander, I am Hawaiian. I am not full blooded or anything but if you know the culture and the spirit of Aloha then you know that doesn't matter. I am listening to my inner voice and my needs. My mind, body and soul is telling me I need to be in the ocean! I am a free spirit,I am not meant to be chained by life's stressors. My purest joy has always been from being on an Island, Hawaii or Puerto Rico. Now, you can either embrace your needs or fight them. I promise you that if you fight your voice, fight your needs, dismiss your souls desire that you will always be stuck in a rut.

Okay so maybe everyone's voice, and spirit isn't as ambitious as mine but all I am saying is you need to listen. For now I have decided that I need to let that free spirit express itself in some way. I need to get back to other, minor things, that make me happy. I am an artist and I lost that somewhere along the way of being a girlfriend, then wife and then mother. For 14 years I have dismissed my talent, my peaceful expressions through art. I am not saying I am not happy as a mother or wife, I am just needing to get back to me, just a little bit. I love my family and I think everyone can relate to the statement, I love my family but I need some me time too. If you can't relate then you need to reflect and ask yourself what do you do for you, before you lose yourself.

3 Things to do for a little self care

  1. Take a minute to be in a quiet place where you can hear your inner voice. Listen and figure out what you are needing.

  2. Write down your needs, and come up with a goal, an action plan. At least write down 3 small and easy steps to take towards your action plan.

  3. Share your needs with others so it is clear what your boundaries are in order for you to achieve your Goal, your needs.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and I hope you take time for you! If you have enjoyed this post, leave a comment and tell me what you need and how you plan on getting it! Need to sort it out and bounce Ideas off of someone, then check out my services and lets work together! I hope you all have a day as beautiful as you are and remember be good to you!

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