Won't Stop

"Can't Stop, Won't Stop" I have never had it in me to give up and I never will.

"This little light of mine", keeps playing in my mind. At first I didn't understand why but actually it's perfect! Through the darkness you have to keep letting your light shine! If you read my last post you know there has definitely been some obstacles in life, but I never gave up. There is a light in me that burns brighter with every obstacle. I know that sounds super inspiring and like it's all about just thinking positive, but the truth is, it's hard! Yes, of course positivity and mindset is everything, but the reality of it all is that you have to work hard to have that mindset. Not only do you have to say you are positive, say you are motivated, you have to actually put that into action! Words are only words until they are put into action. Of course everyone is different and everyone has a different mindset and everyone has a different journey. Some people have it easier than others, and some have it harder than others but we all have a story. All you have to do is start, no matter who you are, what your story is, or where you are in your journey, you just have to start getting in to action to get ahead.

What does taking action look like to me?

  • A) Anticipate: You have to anticipate that there will be obstacles, there will be negativity and even struggles. This isn't to scare you from moving forward this is to help you set up your mindset to be resistant. To let you know that it's coming and so that you can be prepared. When you are caught off guard is when you fall, but when you see things coming, you brace yourself with strength and power.

  • C) Commit: You have to commit to yourself, not just to what you want to accomplish but to yourself. You have to commit to the mindset and to loving yourself, so much that when you are in it alone, you can't get knocked down. When you love yourself and commit to yourself, that is when you become unshakable! When you don't have to rely on other people's validation and support you become the strongest person you will ever know. To that, I say commit to yourself and be your best support.

  • T) Train: Train yourself to look for the positive, even if it's just one thing, even if it's so minor it seems ridiculous. It's easy to have A.N.T.s (automatic negative thoughts) it's probably the easiest thing to do, to the point you don't even realize you are doing it. Don't let yourself off easy, you have to fight those A.N.T.s and try to find just one thing positive. When you make it a habit to find the positive (big or small) then that will slowly but surely become your new easy, your new mindset. Positivity is the most powerful thing to have in your life.

  • I) Illuminate: ( I like this one)...Illuminate your strength and positivity! Once you go through those first steps and you commit to yourself and you train your brain, let your strength and positivity Illuminate! When you do this, you will have people so caught off guard that they won't even try to mess with you and if they do try (because some people are that determined) Illuminate, let them know they don't phase you. Let people know that their negativity only adds fuel to the fire within you!

  • O) Open doors for Opportunity: Stay strong and overcome your obstacles because when you do, you are clearing your own path to opportunity! Getting through my toughest times only brought me to my happiest times. When you take action, you are not only getting through situations, you are not only getting by, you are creating opportunity! Stand strong in what you do and keep your eyes open because opportunity awaits you! When that opportunity comes, don't be afraid to take it! Remember how amazing you are, how strong you are and how much you deserve it.

  • N) Never Stop, Never Give up: This is where I get that "Can't stop Won't Stop" vibe. When you commit to taking action you have to go all the way! You have to go against your struggles with the "Can't stop, won't stop", Mentality. Even when you get through your obstacles you have to keep that mindset. From this point on in everything you do, everything you want to accomplish keep that in mind and never give up. Never stop being you, don't change for anyone, let everyone know who you are and how you are! You are a strong, beautiful and unique individual and you can do anything you put your mind to.

I hope that this post helps you feel inspired and gives you a sense of direction, that starting point I was talking about in the beginning. When you are ready to take action and you want to accomplish something I hope you think about this post. Create Goals, or turn your obstacle into an inspiration for a Goal and then put it into "A.C.T.I.O.N". If you need help with your journey please reach out so that we can talk about your obstacles and how we can work together to conquer your obstacle! Sometimes, like people need trainers at the gym, we need trainers for our mind/mindset and I would love to be a part of that journey with you! Remember Coaches don't work for you, we work with you, we are a team. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope I have sparked some inspiration for you.

Take care and as always have a day as beautiful as you are!

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