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Before your next Career Adventure or even for the work you are doing now Try these Tips for your Mind*Body & Soul*

Self-Love and Self-Confidence goes a long way. I want you to take a look in the mirror and look directly at you, No cheating! No inadvertently looking, no side looking with a quick glimpse, look directly at your beautiful self. Do you know how amazing you are? Take some time to think about it, the talent and skills that you have within yourself that makes you, uniquely you. What are your strongest skills that you can take with you wherever you go, whatever job you are at? Does this quality make you feel good, make you feel strong and powerful even? Then that is the kind of skill you want to focus on and see if you have more qualities just like it. Be Kind to you so that when you go to your next interview, or you are taking the next step in the career you are in, you do it with confidence. Take care of your mind, and that doesn't always mean Meditation but it can mean waking up every morning looking in that mirror and taking the time for Self-Assurance and Affirmations.

List of skills you might have:

*communication*problem solving* creativity* active listening*Empathy (yes this is a skill, and a powerful one at that)* and my favorite, customer service!

Among many more of course but these are just some basic skills you might have and then take those skills you have and be your own hype man! think about how talented you are and the endless possibilities you have, with those special skills. Think of it as your special super hero power and rock it! Emphasize it, and share it with those around you! Share it with me! let me know what skill you think you have and why you think it's your super power, drop it in a comment below! I would be thrilled to hear the responses!!! My super power is Empathy.

Another thing you can do is Work on your Body for you and yes even for your job! Before you give me that look of "What?!", let me tell you why. When you work out either in the morning or afternoon, it makes you just feel good. Walking can be an easy way to feel good because it gives you a sense of accomplishment. Let's face it, it's not easy working out so when you do, you feel good about yourself mentally emotionally and physically. This kind of energy once you have it in you, it will show in all the things you do, especially work. Now this is no easy task and I am sure we can find a million reasons why we can't, but let's find just one reason to do it, for yourself! When you feel good about yourself, especially that sense of accomplishment, it will radiate through your work. The sense of accomplishing things feels so empowering no matter how big or small. Eating healthy and drinking lots of water also has a big play in it but don't do it to be a part of some fad, do it because you want to and How you want to. There will always be videos and tips & tricks widely spread on what workouts and good eating should look like but really at the end of the day you need to do what you are comfortable with. My workout routine happens after work because I honestly am not a morning person. I take 30 mins to walk on a treadmill (previously walked outside before allergies tried killing me). I also pick one focus point (arms, legs, or stomach) and work on that for 20 mins. and that is it! That easy! Want to talk about your routine? please feel free to leave it in the comments below because you never know who you could be helping!

Body Routine:

1. A quick 15-45 minute work out routine

2. Eating healthy and cutting bad eating habits

3. Drinking lots of water and cutting sugary drinks

4. A quick walk every day or every other day, even if it's up and down the street.

Last but not least it is time to tend to your soul. There are many things that you can do to take care of your soul. In this department, to me, how you go to sleep will effect your mood when you wake up. I feel like, the way you wake up will determine your work mood and your entire day. Don't forget too, that your mood will radiate to those around you so make sure you are waking up happy and radiating positivity. Having a good bedtime routine is a great way to ensure a wonderful day the next day. Do your soul a favor and go to bed in peace. Make sure that your room is clean and De-cluttered, seems like basic knowledge and routine but too often we get busy and chores pile up. Next best thing you can do for you is create a bedtime and and stick to it. Go to bed at a decent time, I know easier said than done right? I have made it a point that my family needs to work around me, meaning my bedtime is 10pm no matter what! So if I want some alone time then they need to go to bed at 8:30pm no excuses. Setting boundaries will help ensure that you have the time and space to create your bedtime routine. I like to relax before bed with no phone, no computer, no tv so that I can unwind my mind and get a meaningful deep sleep. If you are keeping busy until the minute you lay down, you're not allowing your mind the time it needs to settle down so you can sleep in peace. No one I know can function at work with little to no sleep and dark circles under their eyes so take care of yourself. Be the powerful and talented Rock star at work, that I know you can be!

Best Bedtime Tips....

1. Shut off all devices

2. Pick out your clothes before bed for the next day

3. Allow yourself some time to think, Imagine what your perfect work day would look like and how you can make at least part of that happen.

4. Allow some time for your mind to quiet down as you are trying to fall asleep.

What does your morning and bed time routine look like? Did you know that if you do something for 30 days straight no excuses and not skipping a day, it's a good way to create a habit?

I can't even express what my morning routine looks like because my life and my work life is in transition right now!

I would love to hear what your routine looks like though! If you don't have one and need a little guidance on how to create one that fits your lifestyle then please reach out to me and make an appointment so we can figure out together what would work for you. Everyone is different and there will never be two people exactly the same or with the same routine. Routines are meant to be tailored to you and I would love to help you figure out what that looks like.

My best morning tips (even as someone who isn't a morning person)

1. Wake up in enough time so that you are not jumping out of bed and rushing to get out the door.

2. Do yourself a favor and eat breakfast even if it's a muffin to go, your body needs it

3. If you are a coffee person as I am then allow time to make coffee, or grab coffee P.S. A good replacement for coffee is tea, I have been doing a lot of tea and honey with lemon lately.

4. When you look good, you feel good! Give yourself time to look in the mirror and get yourself ready to slay the day!

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks blog post! I try to make my posts as informational and interactive as I can so I cannot wait to see the responses! As Always have a day as beautiful as you are!

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