PROJECT 1: Levantando Latinas

I Started this Passion Project and created a team of Strong & Powerful Mujeres. We created a space for us to Lift Each other up but more importantly to lift up other Latinas too. We want to give Latina owned businesses, bloggers and more a place to be seen, heard and acknowledged for their strengths and talents.

This project is made for Latinas by Latinas.

Check This Project out HERE

PROJECT 2:  Eli Vasquez's SelfHype

I met Eli in March of 2020 through Instagram! I followed his inspiring lives and impactful conversations and then soon after Joined his Program #SelfHype !

He helped me organize my thoughts and goals in a way that accelerated my 12 month goals into as little as 3 months! I was mind blown by the results! 

Now I have my own coaching and not to mention I am Joining him on his Program! I will be coaching my favorite week AND running Quarantine Chats!

You Can Check out Self Hype HERE


This one is a Top Secret Project that will be Launching in the Middle of the year! I will be collaborating with one of my favorite financial friends who I met through Twitter!

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